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Information Management

What is Information Management?

Information Management encompasses the processes for collecting, storing, managing, sharing and maintaining information.  Adopting good information management practices will help you improve and safeguard the information you are currently collecting.  FNDHO will work with you to clearly understand your requirements for digital health tools in order to support improved information management and process coordination within & across program areas, and between service providers.  

How can FNDHO support you?

     FNDHO provides orientation to health information management practices through the delivery of educational materials, workshops, capacity building training & support, current and future state analysis, digital health tool options, advocacy, and partner collaboration.  Some of the programs & initiatives FNDHO supports with information management include Jordan’s Principle, Home and Community Care, Community Health Nursing, Mental Health & Addictions, Communicable Disease Program, Child & Family Services, Diabetes Management/Education, & Medical Transportation.    

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Watch this short video to learn some suggestions about how to manage client information.