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Vision and Philosophy


FNDHO is built on sharing, integrity, respect, community, culture, transparency, honesty and openness. Our vision is to be the central innovative support centre for First Nations digital health transformation for all First Nation Health Services in Ontario. Through knowledge sharing, capacity building, pathway creation and change facilitation we will support the design, implementation, enhancement and sustainment of each First Nation Health Services digital health vision.


FNDHO is committed to the following:

  • Community-level planning and system-level improvements
  • Recognition as equal health care partners
  • Access parity with the province of Ontario, decision support, and client safety
  • Improved community-level programs and community health nurse time savings
  • Information sharing to enhance client-centric care
  • Client involvement in their wellness journey
  • Electronic health tools, time savings, reporting support
  • Integration barriers removed, increased client confidence
  • Health information management priorities identified