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Privacy & Security

FNDHO works with First Nations Health Teams to customize, enhance and sustain privacy and security policies and practices, and to protect against hacking, cyber security and ransomware threats.

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Legal Guidance

If you have a question about privacy and security in your health centre, email us at and we'll organize some time to speak with you. We will work with our privacy and security advisor to get you the legal guidance and practical advice you need.


FNDHO has developed a number of free resources including a privacy and security manual, workplan, training, and education resources and videos. Click below.

P&S Introduction Video

FNDHO Executive Director Pam Nolan Speaks about the importance of
Privacy & Security for First Nations Health Services


Steps to Enhance Privacy & Security

P&S Checklists & Info Sheets

Working from Home

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Mobile Phone Use

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P&S Policies and Procedures

P&S Top Tips for a HCC Service Provider

HCC Nurse 




Sharing PHI within the Circle of Care

Free P&S Course

FNDHO and Saint Elizabeths Learning have collaborated in creating a course for First Nations Health staff to learn more about privacy and security.  In order to Register for FREEplease contact Contact Suzanne Stephenson from SE Health at


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