First Nations Digital Health Ontario


FNDHO provides customized service pathways for First Nation Health Service Organizations to engage in digital health advancement and/or transformation: from foundational education and capacity building through to enhanced privacy and security, digital health solution implementation and optimization.



FNDHO will expand and enhance service offerings based on the needs of First Nation Health Service Organizations and their respective communities, clients, and partners. 

  1. Digital Health Navigation Information Management Foundation
  • Education, promotion, and knowledge sharing for First Nation Health Service Organizations and First Nations and leadership regarding digital health concepts, options, pathways, benefits, challenges, resources and capacity requirements
  • Capacity building, skill enhancement, mentorship and professional development for staff and supporting resources to adopt, sustain and enhance digital health foundations and solutions
  1. Digital Health Information Management Exploration
  • Exploration and analysis of information needs, workflows, and system requirements
  • Options analysis and gap-fit analysis
  • Opportunities for meaningful change/improvement, partner engagements and initiative alignment
  1. Digital Health Information Management Advancement/Transformation
  • Solution pathways selection and detailed First Nation Health Service Organization specific implementation plans
  • Customized privacy and security policies and procedures
  • Staff and Privacy Officer training
  • Digital health program workflows
  • Partner collaboration to develop relationships, information sharing agreements, integration opportunities, initiative alignment
  • Organizational readiness and technical preparedness
  1. Digital Health Information Management Solution Implementation
  • Solution implementation support (supplemental to that provided by digital health tool vendors)
  1. Digital Health Information Management Optimization
  • Digital health program workflow enhancement
  • Health information integrity and use improvements through data quality reporting, audits, system use analysis, and standards implementation
  • Digital health solution adoption/use expansion for additional functionality, programs, users and integrations
  • Privacy and security policies, procedures, and best practices reinforcement following solution implementation
  • System integration and information sharing models refinement
  1. Digital Health Information Management Sustainment
  • Solution upgrades, releases and bug fix support (in coordination with vendor support/helpdesk services)
  • Requirements definition for solution enhancements
  • Utilization of emerging and upgraded technologies and facilities
  • Ongoing privacy and security guidance, support, and training
  • Continuity of digital health information management functions for staff
  1. Digital Health Information Management Enhancement/Evolution
  • Digital health workflow expansion for new programs and program enhancements
  • New system integration pathway development
  • New initiative engagement and alignment support
  • New partner relationship support
  • New legislative requirements and wise or best practices integration for privacy and security, clinical processes, program service delivery and reporting
  • Emerging digital health solutions and technology


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