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Learn all the ways that First Nations Digital Health Ontario (FNDHO) can help your team begin your digital health journey, or expand your digital health tools and processes.



FNDHO is a First Nations led organization that provides digital health services at no cost to First Nations Health Teams in Ontario.

We're mandated by a Chiefs of Ontario resolution and funded by Indigenous Services Canada.

We're here to help you navigate the challenging digital health world and get the answers you need to improve your digital health experience.

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Virtual Care, Privacy & Security, Other?


“Our organization has worked with FNDHO on a couple projects – both have been well coordinated and have been flexible to our timelines. The first project helped us enhance our technological and digital capacity for service delivery, while the second helped us onboard and launch the OCEAN e-referral system. We look forward to continued collaboration that will enhance the care needs of Indigenous clients and improve continuity of care.”
Home and Community Care Manager
“Our clinic delivers virtual care services to Indigenous individuals and their families through primary care community-based clinics in two communities. Since FNDHO helped to connect us with OTN, the mental health and wellness worker’s service with clients has improved. Being able to offer in-person care with virtual care tools has given clients more access to counseling that other-wise might not have been possible.”
Integrated Care Manager
“We would like to commend FNDHO for helping us find the exact program we were looking for to help support our program function. From our initial meeting, through to the end, you were very responsive and able to support all meetings and follow-up throughout the entire process. This program will benefit our clients in so many ways and advance the quality of care we are able to provide to them.”
Home and Community Care Manager