First Nations Digital Health Ontario
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Supporting First Nation Health Service Organizations on their Digital Health Journey
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Creating Meaningful Change Through Knowledge Sharing and Capacity Building
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Built on Sharing, Integrity, Respect, Community, Culture, Transparency, Honesty and Openness
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A Support Centre for First Nations Digital Health Transformation
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First Nations Community Led and Available to All

First Nations Digital Health Ontario

First Nations Digital Health Ontario (FNDHO) is a First Nation led organization providing digital health capacity enhancement services to all First Nations Health Service Organizations (FNHSOs) in Ontario. FNDHO supports each FNHSO to analyze and define their health information management needs, share learnings and teachings from other FNHSOs, and design and implement a health information management roadmap specific to the needs of each organization’s clients, community and partners.


 How can we support you?

We customize the support provided to your needs. We can work with you to figure out how to better manage your information from capturing, securing recording, reporting, sharing right through to archiving regardless of if your record keeping on paper or using multiple systems already there is always room for improvement.

Leveraging extensive organizational experience and knowledge in First Nation community health, public health, digital health and health information management, the organization is able to:

  • Ensure services are efficiently and effectively tailored to the unique needs of each FNHSO
  • Gather and share knowledge between and amongst FNHSOs and partners to ensure services are always evolving to meet the needs of FNHSOs
  • Ensure that digital health solutions are selected by FNHSOs based on the information management requirements and digital health needs of each organization
  • Review digital health best practices and design models specific to FNHSO programs and service delivery



FNDHO is a First Nation led organization supporting digital health system transformation for First Nation Health Service Organizations. FNDHO works to advance digital health capacity in First Nation Health Service Organizations across Ontario and provide a hub of support for common needs: information management needs review, requirements analysis, privacy training resources, digital health education, change management, implementation support tools and templates, workflow and circle-of-care coordination with provincial agencies.


 Philosophy and Vision

FNDHO is built on sharing, integrity, respect, community, culture, transparency, honesty and openness. Our vision is to be the central innovative support centre for First Nations digital health transformation for all First Nation Health Service Organizations in Ontario. Through knowledge sharing, capacity building, pathway creation and change facilitation we will support the design, implementation, enhancement and sustainment of each First Nation Health Service Organization’s digital health vision.



FNDHO is guided by the following principles:

  • A commitment to following a non-political approach to supporting First Nation Health Service Organizations across Ontario to advance their digital health capacity
  • A commitment to supporting First Nation Health Service Organizations to identify their specific needs and priorities, and helping them match these against the full range of known tools, processes and services available through FNDHO, other funded initiatives, or the open market
  • A commitment to supporting First Nation Health Service Organizations to raise their digital health capacity by building awareness and understanding of what digital health tools and processes are available, and assisting them to implement these 
  • A commitment to enhancing privacy and security capacity and standardization within First Nation Health Service Organizations by supporting the adoption and implementation of robust privacy and security policies, procedures and best practices
  • A commitment to seeking opportunities for standardization and efficiencies such that tools and data can be appropriately leveraged to support higher-level planning, program management, evaluation, surveillance and/or approved research objectives
  • A commitment to sharing 
  • A commitment to understanding that each First Nation will be at different stages through their journey and working with them to reach their goals
  • A commitment to honouring the OCAP principles
  • A commitment to annually report to All Ontario Chiefs in Assembly and receive direction


Traditional and Cultural Program Information Management Client Centric Information Management Land Based Program Information Management



Special Digital Health Home and Community Care Conference Planning
Posted: Nov 01, 2019
Special Digital Health Home and Community Care Conference Planning underway – dates to be announced shortly for conference date in early 2020.
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First Nation Digital Health Ontario is ready to go!
Posted: Sep 30, 2019
First Nation Digital Health Ontario has been officially incorporated and ready to work with you to plan and advance your digital health initiatives, please contact us for more information.
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