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1. Do you want to understand virtual care tools and supports available to you, your teams, and clients?

2. Have you considered using virtual care to serve your clients when transportation is an issue or your community has been evacuated due to floods or fire?

3. Do you need resources to help promote the use of virtual care to your clients?

4. Do you or your team need training to use virtual care?

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Resources For Your Team

Lets talk about it

Lets Talk About It

Virtual Care Solutions

Virtual Care Solutions Support All Program Areas

What do virtual care solutions provide

What Do Virtual Care Solutions Provide?

Using virtual care

Using Virtual Care to Improve Client Health Outcomes

Community Promotions

Community Promotion Poster

Client Preparation sheet

Client Preparation Info Sheet

What is virtual care

What is Virtual Care?

More about virtual care terms

More About Virtual Care Terms




Latest News

Feb. 15, 2024: 

Register for today's webinar! Do you have questions, ideas, experiences and challenges to share about virtual care? Let’s take time together to discuss what is working and not working in our communities.

Webinar topics included:

  • Who can use virtual care tools: clients, health centre teams, out-of-town providers
  • How can virtual care tools be helpful for individual visits, group programs, in-home and health centre uses
  • Benefits to clients
  • Types of tools, supports, systems, devices, process and policy challenges


Jan 24, 2024:

Sign up and survey link open to First Nation Health Teams.

New Virtual Care resources available: What is Virtual Care, What are the Terms we hear, Lets talk about it.